Friday, October 25, 2013

The Autumn Book Experiment #1

A sketch from my personal book that I'm using for my new Art of Kenard Pak facebook page. There isn't much up yet, but I plan to update it like blogger.
Please stop by and visit!

My personal book has made good progress, and I'm hoping to have a dummy for my editor somewhere before summer 2014.  The writing is there, just needs the little bit that determines everthing. Meanwhile, I'm readying some kind of promotion for the release of my first book Have You Heard The Nesting Bird?  The release date is March 18th, and I'll update you with further news.  Other good news: I'm working on a second picture book!  More on that soon...


Lee Tao said...

Hey Ken, wanted to say thanks again for showing us around the studio on friday, it was a huge eye opener, a great experience.

As always, love your illustrations (still in awe of your painting at the front desk)!!

Kenard Pak said...

Hi Lee, a pleasure to meet you and your colleagues, and thanks for the complement. It's a small world, so you never know when we'll all work with each other!