Wednesday, January 16, 2008


An update to my earlier sketches of french thinkers.


Erwin Madrid said...

Hey Ken, These are really fun. A great follow up to those sketches. My favorite is the red Foucault.

Guillaume Bonamy said...

Hi Ken,
It' s been a while I didn't see your work, thanks Mother Blog!
Want to see more of your Frenchy caricatures, I like them.

shoe said...

Lyotard's straight outta the 70s. I want those glasses!

Anne said...

You know, I would buy tshirts with these dudes on 'em. Can you make me a special edition Cixous?

hubcap10 said...

Hi Ken!

I just discovered your blog. Very cool! thanks for the link.

Happy Chinese New Year.

Jeff Harter said...

Hey Ken,

Great shapes and line work. Will be back often. What's new with you these days?

Leeanna Butcher said...


I'd heard rumors you started a blog- I LOVE these guys. Great designs and color choices.
I'm glad I found where you pour out your existential dilemmas onto paper. :)